Plusrite Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Management Team
  • Fuqing Qian - Founder and Chairman of Plusrite Electric

    Mr. Qian is a pioneer in China’s lighting industry with over thirty years of experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing. Mr. Qian oversees for the corporate strategy and development of the company. In the past 25 years, he led the company through successful development and transitions from a local lamp factory to a global-known leading lighting company. Being a senior expert in the lighting industry, Mr. Qian has served as a consultant and visiting professor at a number of non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Mr. Qian also served in China Illuminating Engineering Society and Wujin High-Tech Industrial Zone as senior consultant. Mr. Qian completed Advanced Economic Studies from Nanjing Southeast University and attended Shanghai Jiaotong University for Advanced Financial Investment and Corporate Financing Studies.

  • Daniel Qian - CEO and President of Plusrite Electric

    Mr. Qian founded Plusrite USA in 2001, and leading the company to become a major player in the American HID market in less than ten years. Today, Plusrite lamps are on the top of the list of many major distributors and wholesalers. During his time, Plusrite USA has turned to be the most important constituent among the entire Plusrite Group, and contributing a remarkable share of the total Plusrite sales. After his achievements in the US, Mr. Qian took the duty and responsibility into a further step. Being the CEO of Plusrite, the company continues expanding globally and enjoying a 30% increase every year. Mr. Qian served Niutang Chamber of Commerce as Vice President, and he is also a member of Changzhou Chamber of Commerce.

  • Kai Liu - General Manager of Plusrite Electric (China) Co., Ltd

    Mr. Liu joined Plusrite in 2000 with 6 years production supervision experience. While in Plusrite, he served various engineering and management position, and achieved the positions to the top management. Mr. Liu was involved in written forty-three patents and has developed and refined many products for the general and specialty lighting market. At Plusrite, Mr. Liu is responsible for the innovation of Plusrite’s technical research, seeking new technologies that will positively impact Plurite’s product line and quality. Mr. Liu graduated with honor from Dalian Polytechnic University.

  • Xiangmin Zhang - Assistant General Manager of Plusrite Electric (China) Co. Ltd

    Mr. Zhang joined Plusrite in 2001 as Assistant General Manager, and responsible for the overall management of manufacturing, quality assurance, and internal operation. Mr. Zhang offers over twenty years of extensive experience in manufacturing and lighting industry. He is accredited for production automation and maintaining a lean and efficient manufacturing concept. Mr. Zhang holds a B.S. from Southeast University where he graduated with honor.

  • Koji Sasaki - General Manager, Plusrite USA/ Fanlight Corporation, Inc.

    Mr. Sasaki joined Plusrite in 2007 as Director of Sale & Marketing and bringing with him 10 years of multidisciplinary specialty and general lighting experience in technology, product and marketing management. At Plusrite USA, Mr. Sasaki served in various senior management positions. He became General Manager in 2009 and President in 2012. Mr. Sasaki is responsible for the overall management of North America sales activities and operations, and leading the company succeed through challenging lighting business.

  • Mohit Mittal - Managing Director of Plusrite India

    Mr. Mittal has extensive techno-commercial experience panning across 25 years in the lighting industry in India and overseas holding senior position at Galux, Dubai and Phoenix Lamps. Spearheaded, as Vice President, the commissioning of the largest CFL and halogen lamp factory, stimulating annual sales turnover exceeding $100 Million US dollars. Associated with Plusrite since 2006 after separating from Phoenix Lamps upon its takeover by PE Actis. Widely networked in the lighting industries in India, China and US. Mr. Mittal has an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, India’s premier institute of technology.

  • Ross Herdman - Managing Director of Plusrite Australia

    Mr. Herdman joined Plusrite in 2011 and successfully expanded Plusrite’s business into Australia. Prior to joining Plusrite, he has 19 years of experience in manufacturing and sales, and served in various top senior management positions in lighting companies throughout Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Herdman also served in Osram and Philips as consulting engineer and supervisor for over ten years. Mr. Herdman holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Zealand.

  • Claudio Ladowski - Managing Director of Plusrite Mexico

    Mr. Ladowski joined Plusrite Mexico in 2010 as Managing Director. In less than two years he led the company achieve strong brand awareness, and being able to penetrate and position Plusrite brand in major Mexican markets. Prior joining Plusrite, Mr. Ladowski had ten years of experience in the lighting industry, and he served senior management position in a major lighting company in Mexico for over 7 years. Based on his efforts, dedication and perseverance, he has developed a sustainable business in self-service, public, industrial and commercial electrical market. Mr. Ladowski holds a marketing degree from University of Buenos Aires.

  • Mark Jackson - Vice President of Plusrite USA/Fanlight Corporation Inc

    Mr. Jackson joined Plusrite late 2013 as Vice President, USA responsible for GEIP branding, sales and marketing in addition to our overall sales on the East Coast.   Mr. Jackson offers over 25 years of global experience in distribution, sales, branding and purchasing working predominantly in the UK and America plus Germany, France, India and China.   Mr. Jackson has held several senior management positions over the last 20 years thru his dedication to hard work, general market knowledge and quality of customer service so looks forward to utilizing these silks to help Plusrite grow and expand the business.

  • Weiguo Liu - National Sales Director of Plusrite Electric

    Mr. Liu joined Plusrite Electric in March, 2013 and responsible for China domestic market development and sales management. Graduated from Hunan University with a degree in Business Administration, Mr. Liu has rich KPI management, process control, cooperation and conflict management knowledge and practical skills in channel construction. Mr. Liu has more than ten years of experience in sales management, and served sales manager in many multinational enterprises such as Ningbo Bird Co., Ltd, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd and Guangdong Galanz Group Microwave Electrical Appliance Sales Company.

  • Alan Wang - R&D director of Plusrite Electric

     Mr. Alan joined Plusrite in 2015 as Director of R&D and with his 19 years of experience in electronic product-related R&D, and 8 years of LED lighting products and GE / OSRAM / Toshiba / Philips jointly developed design experience. While in Plusrite, he serves as R&D and management positions. MR. Alan was involved in apply many patents and developed many products. Mr. Alan graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, received a master's degree and published in IEEE journals in 2009 and become a member.

  • Mortimer Zhang - International Sales Director of Plusrite Electric

    Mortimer joined Plusrite in 2010 and held multiple sales and marketing positions across Plusrite USA, China and Foshan NaturaLED where he has successfully managed multiple global key accounts and marketing initiatives. By delivering an in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge across traditional and solid state lighting products and industry, Mortimer is responsible for Plusrite China and Foshan NaturaLED international branding, sales and marketing in addition to the China OEM sourcing for global Plusrite. Mortimer graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with bachelor degree in History and Urban Planning.

  • Vincent Hung - COO Foshan NaturaLED Electric Co., Ltd

    Vincent Hung graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University in 2003, and get MS degree in Mechanical Engineer. Joined Plusrite in 2013 as Operation Head of NaturaLED, he has been in LED industry for more than 12 years, started from Mechanical Engineer of LED Packaging in the very beginning, his job field has covered optical/thermal Simulation Engineer, LED Package Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Project Manager of Luminaire/bulb and Account Manager . With completely working experience in LED Lighting Industry, he is leading LED team to a new energy saving world.