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    Can I overdrive a metal halide bulb?
  No. Overdriving a metal halide bulb could possibly explode or damage both the ballast and bulb. When you overdrive a bulb you are supplying more amperage to the bulb than it is designed to operate on.
    Why does my metal halide bulb flicker and turn off?
  New metal halide bulbs require up to 100 hours to burn in and could flicker or turn off during that “break in” period. If you your bulbs are not new and flicker or turn off then you need to check that you are using the correct ballast for your bulb.
    How much time will it take to restart a metal halide bulb after the power has been turned off?
  Metal halide bulbs need to cool before they can be restarted. Most metal halide ballasts will 7-15 minutes to restart.
    Is it possible to add an igniter to standard metal halide ballast to convert the system to pulse start?
  Not really.
    Does a pulse start lamp require a socket with a certain voltage rating?
  Yes, and this hold true for both medium and mogul sockets. The pulse rating should be 4kv.
    What is the rated life of our lamps?

This information can be found in Plusrite’s product center.

    Is there a warranty on our light bulbs?
  All Plusrite lamps and products are covered by a generous warranty. Please contact our customer service and sales support in your region for specific warranty guideline.
    Do you only make HID lamps?
  Plusrite Electric’s main products are metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamps, ballasts, and fixtures. Plusrite also makes halogen lamps and LED lamps and fixtures.