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Plusrite outdoor training in Liyang

Dates:2015/5/6 15:32:59     Hits:

In order to enhance the team cohesiveness, raise the innovation consciousness, and increase the employees’ adaptive abilities, pioneer and invent spirits, as well as development potential of the team, our company held the outdoor expand training in Liyang Tianmu Lake Shangwaishan training base during 18th to 19th April.

There were variety of events in this training, such as “ice-breaking”, “seven-piece puzzle”, “law of wooden pail”, “delivery the message”and “mountain climbing contest”. During the whole event, interaction and cooperation supported all the staff to complete the training events with the theme of communication, innovation and increase the sense of belonging. Besides, we also had a “business personnel communication” lecturer in the evening. In this short outdoor expand training, we harvested laugh, tire, sweat and touching.

We found out that all the group member supposed to help each other to achieve the group target through this activity. The various effective elements of teamwork were understood better by us via joining these projects. The staff realized the methods of many working problem, and it really benefit a lot.