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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair was hold on 27-30 October 2014 in Hong Kong Victoria Harbor International Conference Center, by using of nearly 70,000 square meters of exhibition space, providing a platform for professional lighting manufacturers more than thirty countries and regions, this fair offers platform to display famous lights, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, LED and green lighting (indoor / outdoor), lighting accessories and parts, professional and outdoor lighting. Since 1999 exhibition held, after ten years of development, has become Asia's largest trade exhibition.

As the special locations of Hong Kong, it has become an important window of domestic and international connection tie. we participate this fair in earlier time, since we take the first exhibition in2000, every year to get the latest developments in the industry and the opportunity to communicate with potential customers to negotiate through this platform, the exhibition brings together customers around the world in recent years in North America, guests South America increased significantly. HID lamps in the early 2000 China has just started, and the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, held for our customer's development has played a key role in many of the guests are understanding this exhibition.

The exhibition showcased Our main products and a small amount of styling HID LED products, the entire hall of customer traffic or increase over previous years. Customers are mainly focused on the development of LED's understanding, I put some stereotypes LED products exported to North America. LED is a full development trend, many customers demand surge, therefore, I also plan to enter the field of LED overall, has made great development. So next year the company plans to expand the Hong Kong Pavilion exhibition, and to engage in special equipment, so you can show more of our products, in order to attract more customers.

Through this exhibition, giving us a clear direction for future development, the company is going to accelerate the transformation of products, to accelerate market integration.