Plusrite Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Corporate Culture

Integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction are the perpetual pursuits of Plusrite. With our emphasis on excellence in manufacturing and customer drive service, continual exploring in energy efficiency products development, Plusrite sets the stage of offering our customer high quality products, energy saving solutions and exceptional customer supports.

In Plusrite, the first-class quality, services and brand ensure the four win-win situations: the win-win between the company to its customers, employees, investors and suppliers.

Our lighting products utilize robust technology which enables us to offer a significant amount of energy conservation and efficiency not only in the final products but throughout the manufacturing process. Armed with latest technology, vigorous enterprise culture and scientific management Plusrite provides a solid foundation and powerful drive for the sound and continual development of the company.

Plusrite regards every employee as part of the family member by offering everyone with a comfortable dormitory fully equipped with modern amenities, and organizing sports and recreational activities in a common basis. Plusrite understand its social responsibility and strives to make a positive, sustainable impact in the development of the society. In 2010, Plusrite initiated the "Guangcai Harmony Education Fund" with a one million yuan endorsement to bring back the kids from rural family back to school.